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camelot_recs is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with evenafterever

New Comm. trident_love

Banners by the lovely obiskus

Do you love Arthur, Merlin and Gwaine any which way you can get them?
Yeah, us too.

This is a community that welcomes any and all permutations of these boys. We love, encourage, and are desperate to see more of:
♥ Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine
♥ Arthur/Merlin*
♥ Arthur/Gwaine
♥ Merlin/Gwaine
♥ ♥ ♥ Threesomes, unrequited love triangles, Polyamory and Gen fics (focusing on these character) are all welcome.

* Because of the prevalence of Arthur/Merlin in this fandom, our preference is to only have Arthur/Merlin work which also contains Gwaine (in some capacity) be posted here.

We do allow RPF of Bradely/Colin/Eoin – same rules as above applies.

Come join the fun!

A rare pairing fic rec list

I've compiled a pretty extensive fic rec list that focuses on rare slash pairings and threesomes/moresomes, by this I mean groupings that are not (or not just) Arthur/Merlin. Basically it's all the slash, poly, and queer pairings that I could find except Arthur/Merlin. Check out my Rec Extravaganza Eleganza.

Merry Merthur 2010!

We're pleased to announce the beginning of Merry Merthur, a Merlin x Arthur fic/art gift exchange for the holiday season!

Sign-ups are NOW OPEN and will remain open until our cap of 60 artists and 60 authors is reached, or until November 13th, whichever comes first.

Please click on the banner to read more or sign up!!

Please spread the word for us using the banner above, if you'd like!

Hope to see you on our sign-up list soon!

~ Allie & Alax


camelot_recs is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with merry_merthur

fic rec: "Waiting" by chaletian

Name: Waiting
Author: chaletian
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen
Rating: PG
Status: Complete.
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Word count: ~300
Fic summary: Arthur and Guinevere wait.
Reason for reccing: I love the way time passes in this story - a gentle skimming of the seasons, the way things change - or don't, in the case of Uther's rule. I love the relationship between Arthur and Gwen as it's depicted - simple discussion over the responsibilities they're already sharing, over chores. It's not a tempestuous relationship but one of quiet understanding - an anchorage rather than a storm. The author's gotten a lot into a very short piece, and there's a poignancy that underlies the story in the way the kingdom waits.


camelot_recs is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with katiem_fans


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