cplberen (cplberen) wrote in camelot_recs,

Favorite by astolat

Title: Favorite 
Author:  astolat


Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Warnings/Spoilers: Le Morte d'Arthur
Word count:  13,000+

Fic summary: Arthur tipped back against the wall, his mouth open for breath and staring at the small arrow-slit window over Merlin's head, trying to work out how it could possibly be that good with Merlin, of all people.

Merlin and Arthur fall into a... pattern that has them both completely flummoxed.  And they're Not Happy about it.

Reason for reccing: Hilariously funny and brilliantly executed.  Or is that, brilliantly funny and hilariously executed?  Whatever, it's astolat and she doesn't disappoint.  This story is great fun and full of surprises. 

Tags: author: astolat, category: slash, length: 10000 - 15000, pairing: arthur/merlin, rating: nc-17, rec: fic, reccer: cplberen, status: complete
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