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A Multi Media Rec Community for BBC's Merlin
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A community for people to share the kick ass fics, vids and art made/written for the BBC's Merlin
Welcome to Camelot Recs, the multi media rec community for the BBC's version of Merlin.

Have you ever come across a fanfic that made you cry and you just had to share? Ever laughed yourself silly over a fanvid your friend has made? Has a Merlin comic strip made you squee at such a high pitch, you send your dog a little crazy? Then you've come to the right place. Camelot Recs is community based on the presmise of sharing all the awesome fanfiction, art and video out there in the Merlin fandom.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

When posting, please try and stick to the following format, or something similar

Fic Rec Posting Format

Series: (If necessary)
Status: Complete? One shot? Chapter in a series?
Word count: Approx. word count - less than 100, less than 500, less than 100, 1,000 - 5,000 etc.
Fic summary:
Reason for reccing:

Art Rec Posting Format

Title of Artwork:
Artist's Name:
Series: (If part of one)
Form of art: Pencil sketch? Comic? Chibi? Anime? Watercolour?
Reason for Reccing:

Vid Rec Posting Format

Title of Vid:
Name of Song: (If different from title)
Song Artist:
Vid Artist:
Series: (If any)
Reason for Reccing:

The rules are posted here. Please read them at least once before you rec. I'm a nice mod, honest. They're not too terrible. But please follow them.

Any questions, comments or problems, you can leave a message on this post, or email me directly at camelot.recs@gmail.com

Find an archive of recs at del.ic.ious here



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